Health and Wellbeing

07 May 2021

The key to a happier healthier life can be found in a number of different ways. Taking part in 150 minutes per week of activity, as recommended by NHS Health Scotland, should be one of them. You should be looking to take part in activities that work all the major muscles - legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms.

It's not only our physical health that we need to take care of. Mental health and general wellbeing are just as important.

There are lots of places you can seek advice and Glasgow City Council is just one of them. There you will find many useful links to mental health support, carer support, employment, homelessness and drug & alcohol support should you need it. 

Why not try starting your road to a healthier, happier you today? It may be a brisk walk around your local park, or checking in with a friend or neighbour to see how they're doing. How about baking a cake or donating some extra food to a local charity? All these things will fill you with joy!