Get Active Winner Carrie

21 July 2021

Each month we give you a chance to win one of four 25,000 BetterPoints bundles for taking part in the Get Active, You Can Do It programme. This month I caught up with one of those lucky winners Carrie, who was selected as our June Active Winner! 

Carrie was introduced to the BetterPoints app by fellow members of the Jiggly Joggers in their group chat back in May, letting her know that there was an exciting new challenge taking place in Glasgow to earn rewards for being active. 

Carrie, who is from the East of Glasgow is a Receptionist in a local solicitors firm. She used to be in a high pressured sales job but with a diagnosis of MS in 2018 she felt it time to have a less stressful life and wanted to focus on her health and wellbeing. Carrie's condition is relatively symptom free but does suffer with fatigue which makes being active difficult at times.

When COVID hit early last yet it left her feeling like she'd lost her 'mojo' having to manage lockdown, her two kids, working and trying to be healthy. 

"Once I downloaded the app it gave me the push I needed to get out and get moving. I now try and get out every day during my lunch breaks and hope to re-join the Jiggly Joggers once my fitness improves some more. Like all during lockdown I put on a little weight so this is great incentive to help with that. I take the kids to the local woodlands when they're not in school and even getting into Yoga as a home workout."

Over lock down Carrie has tried to support the community in which she lives by donating to the local food banks. She plans on donating some of her prize to them and perhaps treating herself once she's built up some more.

Congratulations again to Carrie - keep up the good work!